African Policy is an independent and political news website dedicated to covering politics, elections, opinions, history, and untold stories from all around the African continent.

We publish trustworthy and useful articles written by authors who experienced with the general public and edited by our team of professionals.

Share Article share researchers’ experience in politics, politics, economics, ethics, and almost every subject studied at colleges and universities. Some articles offer practical research-based tips, while others simply provide reliable answers to questions that have aroused our curiosity.

African Policy is part of a global group of news organizations established in Uganda in 2020 with the main newsroom in Nairobi, Kenya.

Why African Policy?

African Policy arose out of deep concern for the fading quality of our public discourse and recognition of the vital role that academic experts can play in the public sphere.

The information has always been important for democracy. It is a Social Interest, like clean water. But now many find it difficult to put their trust in the media and experts who have spent much time researching a topic. But they instead listen to those who have the highest voices. These uninformed views are promoted through social networks that reward those who cause anger, rather than insight or thoughtful discussion.

African Policy is trying to be part of the solution to this problem, to raise the voices of real experts and make their knowledge available to all.

The process of liberalizing African Policy is conscious and cooperative. Our editors pay close attention to the news environment in order to identify issues that citizens are interested in. They connect with and work with leading scientists throughout the scientific community to help them share their knowledge with the wider public.

It is important that African Policy calls for transparency and credibility. Authors may write only on topics on which they have proven their experience. You must sign a disclosure statement listing all relevant funding or affiliations. We publish the entire African policy on our website and elsewhere. Our goals are summarized in our editorial charter.

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