Israel not happy with the prejudice United Nations

Israel, and convinced some of them that the treatment of them by the human rights commission was incorrect in relation to their employees.


Israel not happy with the prejudice United Nations

Do United Nations lean toward Israel? Israel looks forward to this, regardless of the fact that it has never been seen as vulnerable to criticism.

As the United Nations Human Rights Council will discuss the question of Palestine in accordance with United Nations Human Rights Council resolution 5/1: “mediate and influence the normal freedom of Israel to lead Palestine and other Arab territories.”

Israel, and convinced some of them that the treatment of them by the human rights commission was incorrect in relation to their employees. There are two explanations behind this. The first is that it is being distinguished because no other country has the capacity to understand its basic point of view, and the other is that some of the countries sitting in the hall themselves are responsible for key opportunities.

The current human rights council figures join countries that often see every opportunity, including China, whose appalling treatment of Uighur Muslims is far from a small part of their main opportunity. In any case, he joined countries like the UK and European countries like the Netherlands and Denmark, who must see their opportunities as the basic belief of their standard government.

The 46th meeting was”to brief the High Representative on the security situation in the affected Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, and to commit to ensuring commitment and value.”

The United Kingdom refused to vote, while the kingdom of Bahrain avoided the vote, perhaps in view of its endorsement of Israel. In the EU, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands achieved this goal, while Austria and Bulgaria voted against the Czech Republic and overtook the Czech Republic.

It is reasonable to point out here that the EU-Israel partnership agreement is the reason for the continuation of the cycle. It makes it clear that ” Article 2 will establish relations between associations because every truly consistent plan is based on consistency with ordinary rules based on freedom and notoriety, which relate to its internal and public systems and form an important part of this understanding.”

This Israeli president was deprived of”vote-based criteria” for non-Israeli prisoners of the state in terms of allowing Optus race, Israel intervened in thought-based participation by slandering and explicitly limiting the race in East Jerusalem, if not boycotting.

A huge Google search using the terms”Israel” and”typical violation of opportunity” has led to numerous accusations that Israel has violated common law and the Basic Law of probability based on its treatment of the Palestinian public. It is clear that it is all the more necessary to analyze the consistent and irregular reports of the office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs on specific and self-determined information on the ongoing intercession in Israel. This corresponds to Israel’s plan to negotiate with the Palestinians between 2009 and 2021. During a similar period, 11,379 Palestinians were deported.

A relative source shows that there were 5,561 Palestinian passports in 2008 and 2021, with more than 115,000 people injured. It is better not to analyze Israeli-Palestinian relations, at least the difference between them is clear, so everyone can watch directly. There is information that Palestinians massacred more than 1,000,000 people in the Gaza Strip in three conflicts that completely wiped out the Gaza Strip in 2008 and 2014.

Forgiveness International also reveals basic grievances, including illegal killings, disregard for transit, conceptual arrest and detention, torture and ill-treatment in custody, indicating violations of violence, the possibility of notification and Alliance, access to housing, disposal, gender-based disability, appropriate fighting, and ill-treatment, untouchable secret researchers and temporary experts.

It should also be remembered that, long ago, Israel had to establish relations in 1948, when 750,000 Palestinians were released to contact countries.

Israel will not allow them to return, regardless of UN target 194. United Nations goal 194, in its Article 11, states that”abandoned persons wishing to return to their homes and live with neighbouring countries shall, as soon as time permits, do so that the property of the person who decides not to return shall be paid and, unfortunately, property that is reasonable in accordance with universal law or standards of universal respect for government or professionals shall be paid.”

Companions in high places

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Benjamin Netanyahu) strongly criticized the decision to return to the Gaza Strip.

It is also a fact that Israel governs the whole of Palestine, including the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza, the Sinai desert, and the Golan Heights. While the Sinai desert returned to Egypt as a feature of the Egyptian consensus, Israel illegally surrounded the rich areas, illegally adding east Jerusalem in 1980 and the Golan Heights in 1981. The unique country that has seen these developments in the United States of America, which has really done it under the Trump Organization.

In the land state law, adopted by the Knesset in 2018, Israel only declared that Jews enjoyed this right, thus depriving Palestinians of the benefit of the trust. As a result, all pagans were released directly” where Israel is located”.The abuse of War is related to the 60 laws passed by the Knesset and the “warnblätter section”.These laws can determine whether the non-Jewish population can enter a large-scale” Jewish social class”.”

The rise of the above shows that the Israelis are continuing the basic possibilities and the foundations that date back to 1948. So let others choose to intercede in areas where Israel and its main ally, the United States, are noisy.

The United Nations Security Council is perhaps the only basic body that Israel can rely on for issuance by the United States because it carries the same cards. Neither Israel nor the United States sought excuses from the International Criminal Court, which has conducted a public assessment of Israel’s terrible behavior since 2014, but not before. UNHRC has no section.

With the US leaving UNHRC2018 in the fight against Israel’s”inconsistent treatment”, the UK has figured out how to do it.

However, this is an example of a disgraceful party that Western governments approve of terrible behavior, not referring to individuals. Let us say that Israel is far from avoiding further violations since it announced a year ago that it is increasing most of the (illegal) areas of the West Bank, and since it stopped this method in a spectacular way, the addition of more Palestinian areas can be justified by progress in settlements.

Israel has refused to obey universal law and compassionate universal law for 73 years and must therefore maintain its objectives with the human rights council in any case.

Instead of ensuring its material problems, the entire land remains in the Palestinian public and the action is incredibly and effectively said that this is the last part of the abundance that will last. There is an opportunity to move forward against the Israeli agreement and expect it to end its mediation, which will only help other advanced materials in the world realize that they are also being delivered.

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